Crowning off the week with the Crown chakra

Saturday is the last day of the week. We often use this time to do house chores. It is also the first day of the weekend. Our time to reconnect with home life, family and friends.

There is a certain level of relaxation we have on weekends. I guess that depends on how busy our home life is. The energy is definitely different than the work and school week. Perhaps we have a stronger connection to our higher self. This is what we access through the crown chakra.

The crown chakra physically connects to our body through the Pituitary Gland. It is the master gland that regulates all of the other endocrine glands.

The pituitary gland has a partner; the hypothalamus. It’s a lot like the cartoon with the big dog and little dog. We assume the big dog runs the show but actually the little dog tells the other one what to do. This is the hypothalamus function. It tells the pituitary whether to stop or start production of certain hormones.

A little known fact is that the Pituitary Gland has a major function in hormone production for the adrenal glands. This is why during reflexology I always include some extra attention at the big toe (reflex to the brain; specifically the pituitary and pineal glands) when it comes to addressing stress issues.


A simple list of Pituitary Gland functions:

  • stimulates adrenal glands
  • ensures function of the reproductive glands
  • promotes the growth hormone in children
  • stimulates breast milk production
  • stimulates thyroid gland to produce hormones
  • prompts kidneys when to increase water absorption
  • produces Oxytocin during childbirth and breast milk production
The reason I go deeper into explaining the Pituitary Gland function is to show you how connected it is to the energy of the Crown Chakra. Without the crown chakra connecting us to Source and our Higher Self, we are not able to have the full human experience. This is truly our all-knowing centre. If the crown chakra isn’t functioning normally it has a direct effect on all other centres and glands in the body.

Connecting with Crown Chakra

So what is the best way to connect with the energy centre? Meditation and silence. The silence of all stimulating sounds can help you connect with the higher messages that are being delivered to you. It is no wonder that people have endocrine issues. The sounds don’t stop. We can’t detach from external sounds long enough to listen to our inner guidance. I won’t sugar coat this.

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Crystals and the Crown Chakra

This seventh chakra centre relates to the colour violet and white. Amethyst is often used with the Crown (and Third Eye Chakra) but there are other purple stones that are just as effective.

Crown Chakra
Sugilite can help open up the Crown Chakra. It can also balance the brain’s hemispheres. You can hold the crystal and meditate with it. You can wear it as jewelry with the intention it helps the crown centre.
Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz is often used to amplify the energy of the crown chakra. A clear quartz point can direct energy in and out of the head. But be aware that it can be very powerful. I recommend working with a Crystal Healer for guidance on using crystals at this sensitive energy centre.

Crown Chakra

Selenite is another clear (white) crystal that works gently to connect and open the crown chakra. It helps unblock stagnant energy. Selenite has a cooling energy to help dispel overheated emotions.

It also helps expand conscious awareness.

Saturday Crown Chakra Reflection:

Hold a crystal or place at the top of your head. Close your eyes. Relax for a few moments and just listen to what comes up. Often our higher-self shares messages. Often people expect to hear divine messages with the voice of some angelic source. But often it is our own inner voice and thoughts that are sending us just what we need to hear. The key is not to direct your thoughts but be open to receiving messages from Source.

Silently repeat an affirmation. “I am open to receiving guidance that is most helpful for me today.”

You may not get a message instantly. That may be later in the day and not during your meditation. But now you are open to receive it when it does come.

So I hope you have enjoyed this Blog series on Chakras Days of the Week.


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