Mid week meets the Heart Chakra

I love synchronicity. And it just makes sense that the middle of the week would relate to the middle chakra. The Heart Chakra is at the centre of the other main chakras. There are three below and three above. You could say it’s the heart of the matter. Without the balanced energy of the Heart Chakra, all of the other centres could be affected.

Physically the Heart centre relates to the thymus gland and the area of the upper chest. The lungs are energetically connected to the emotion of grief, depression and other aspects of sadness.
The Heart Chakra relates to the emotional health of our entire being. The colours green and pink represent the energy of this centre. Green is healing and pink is a loving and compassionate colour. They can be used together for balance. But if there is a health issue in the physical area that is governed by the Heart Chakra I use a green crystal.

Green aventurine is a good stone for Heart Chakra healing. It helps stabilize this energy centre. Sometimes our emotions can be flighty and impulsive. Green aventurine helps to bring tranquillity and balance.
However, Rose Quartz is the first stone to come to mind when we think of crystals and the Heart Chakra. It has gentle and compassionate energy.
Heart ChakraUse Rose Quartz if you need to balance any overactive emotions. Grief, despair or any other difficult emotion often wells up in the chest. Placing a Rose Quartz at your chest can help bring a cathartic emotional release.


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Connecting with the Heart Chakra

The best way to connect with the Heart Chakra is to go within. Sit quietly, close your eyes and listen. Listen with your heart. Place your hands on your heart and send yourself compassion and joy. Feel it flow from your hands straight into your heart centre.


Wednesday Heart Chakra Reflection

  • Check in with yourself. Is there stress or worry?
  • What emotion do you associate with right now? Is it self-serving or is it compassionate toward others?
  • Release old hurts with a Tapping Exercise. Emotional Freedom Technique can help you release the emotional connection to old thought patterns.
    Watch the video below and tap along to release emotions preventing you from lightness and joy.

Up next is Thursday’s blog post on the Throat Chakra. Please post your questions and comments below.