Root Chakra Sunday

The first day of the week meets the first chakra of our energy system; the root chakra which is also called the base chakra.


Sunday is the perfect day to relax and rejuvenate in preparation of the new week. Ideally, you can ground and centre your energy so it is in alignment with your life purpose. The best way is to do activities that honour your sacred self. I prefer to meditate. Although I meditate every day often on Sundays I will spend more time doing this. Late afternoon or evening is the perfect time to reflect on what is planned for the coming week.

When we can start the week with focused awareness, we have a better chance to succeed with all we take on.

Black tourmalineOne of my favourite crystals to help ground and focus is Black Tourmaline. It is my go-to crystal for transmuting negativity and shielding from EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies).

Connecting with the Root Chakra

Place a grounding crystal at your feet or under your chair as you meditate. The intention is to direct and ground off negative unwanted energy through the Root chakra. This can be physical or emotional energy.

Fluorite crystalAnother crystal I like to sit with on Sundays is Fluorite.
It has a nurturing and uplifting energy to it. I hold it in my receiving (left) hand while I meditate. Fluorite helps clear out stagnant energy in all of the chakras. The Root chakra helps ground that energy and release it to the earth to be neutralized. Fluorite is great for mental clarity. So you can use it as you plan the week ahead.
[ctt template=”12″ link=”3Bdc6″ via=”yes” ]Use a grounding crystal @ feet to direct & ground off negative energy through the root chakra. @simplyhealer[/ctt]

Sunday Reflection

Next up will be Monday’s blog post on the Sacral Chakra. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please share them below.
Root chakra balance