Do the Monday blues affect your Sacral Chakra?

I wouldn’t doubt it! The sacral chakra relates to the water element. Water is an emotional aspect of energy. So does it flow, trickle or gush? That all depends on how balanced this centre is.

How does this relate the second centre with Monday? 

The sacral chakra is about emotional response. We are affected by other people and the environment around us. When this centre is out of balance it affects our mood on a very primal level.

After a leisure Sunday it is common to get the Monday Blues. Maybe you need to add a bit more orange to your day! Orange and Blue are opposite colours on the colour wheel. The sacral chakra vibrates at the same frequency as the colour orange when it is in good working order. If this centre is over active with too much energy you can use the colour blue to help balance it out. It works both ways.


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Connecting with the Sacral Chakra

When you want to affect your energy in a positive way, I suggest using crystals. They are perfect geometric structures that bring in good vibes.

Sacral Chakra

One of the perfect crystals for Mondays to help get a jump start on your creativity is Tangerine Quartz. It can bring a cheerful energy to the dullest of Mondays. When I meditate with Tangerine quartz I never fail to have some inspiration or new idea pop into my head.


You can sit quietly gazing into this crystal. Just by doing that you are absorbing creative orange energy that is sure to motivate you throughout the day. This is an inspiring crystal to have at your desk when you really need to bring creativity and focus. Because it is a type of quartz it has amplifying properties so make sure you are thinking, doing and saying what you want to enhance! Hint: Be positive.


Sacral chakraThere are other orange crystals that are great energy and creativity enhancers. Carnelian is my all-time favourite. This is a common stone that is easily found in tumbled form. It’s easy to pop into a pocket or purse to stimulate creativity and grounding too.

Monday Sacral Chakra Reflection

  • Be gentle toward yourself and others
  • Get the colour orange into your day if your energy is low
  • If your energy is over active counter balance it with the colour blue
  • Do some balance breathe work:
    Alternate Nostril Breathing is an easy technique to centre your energy, thoughts and emotions.
Next up is Tuesday’s blog post on the Solar Plexus Chakra. Please post your questions and comments below.


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