Let’s talk Throat Chakra

By the time Thursday arrives we’ve probably been doing a lot of communicating. At work, school or home communication is an important social skill. So today’s focus is on the Throat Chakra and the energy of communicating.


The Throat Chakra physically relates to the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck. These glands secrete hormones that regulate the metabolism of the body.
You could say that the thyroid communicates with the body on how to burn calories, absorb calcium and more. There is a lot going on; from breathing to eating.

Having a busy week?

If you aren’t eating properly, lack of nutrition can make you cranky. Next thing you know you’re snapping at your co-workers or family. That’s never a good thing. What’s worse is if you are stressed out your breathing is usually affected. Shallow breathing or angst ridden panting doesn’t nourish your body at all!
Deep breathing exercises can help slow down the heart rate. When you slow that down you naturally start to relax. Breath-work is an important part of relaxation. We do it subconsciously. We sigh in response to stress. But often we stop there and continue with shallow breathing.

So step it up and take 3 deep, slow breaths.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”c08e0″ via=”yes” ]Consciously think about your breath. It can help take your mind off of a stressful thought or situation. http://ctt.ec/c08e0+ @simplyhealer[/ctt]
(Check out the guided audio at the end of this post)

Throat Chakra Colours and Crystals

You can enhance the Throat Chakra by surrounding yourself with the colour blue. If the throat is overactive introduce the opposite colour on the spectrum; orange.
Throat ChakraFor balance place a blue crystal such as Sodalite on the throat chakra. Sodalite can also be used with the Third Eye (Brow) Chakra. So this crystal does double duty by connecting and opening communication on an intuitive and all-knowing level.
Throat ChakraBlue Lace Agate is a lighter blue crystal that has a gentle energy to help smooth over communication issues. It allows you to gently impart the words you need to express.
Speaking of expressing, this is a form of creativity. So if you have difficulty with that you can bring in the orange colours of the sacral chakra (add link) to assist if necessary.

Connecting with Throat Chakra:

Since the Throat Chakra has to do with communication, the best place to begin connecting is with your breath. Breathing is what gives us life. But when you put life into each breath you are enhancing that vital essence. Try the guided breathing audio to open this centre.
Now that you have opened the Throat Chakra it will allow you to let the breath flow more smoothly. This will also allow your thoughts to be voiced more effortlessly. Practice deep breathing anywhere and any time you need to speak your truth in a gentle manner.

Thursday Throat Chakra Reflection:

  • How does your neck feel? Is it stiff, sore or uncomfortable in any way? Whether it is a physical issue or not, the throat chakra may be the reason why.
  • The neck is the most flexible joint in the body. Energetically it relates to how flexible we feel in our life. Is there something holding you back from doing something? It’s no surprise if your neck is part of the issue.
  • Although we focus more on the throat, as you can see above, the neck is a big part of this centre. So think about what is weak in this area. What can be improved?
  • If there is imbalance here (sore throat, stiff neck, etc.) surround yourself with the appropriate coloured stones.
    For inflammation (sore throat) the throat chakra may be overactive so use Orange if Blue doesn’t seem to help.
Next up is Friday’s blog post on the Third Eye Chakra. Please post your questions and comments below.

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