Raise your hand if you are a trained Reiki healer but don’t currently use it.

It is so easy to forget that Reiki can be used personally not just professionally. What I mean is that it is easy to overlook the solution to a problem. Whether it is a physical or emotional issue you are personally dealing with often the last thing on your mind is Reiki. This is so true of a new Reiki Healer.

This isn’t a judgment, just an observation. When teaching Reiki I include simple ways to incorporate this gentle healing modality into daily life. But if a student isn’t used to having this tool it is easy to forget about in a moment of crisis.


I like to keep in touch with my reiki healer students to help them utilize the skills they have learned. After all, it’s about practice, practice and more practice!

But sometimes more is needed than just practice. Maybe there are emotional or mental blocks that prevent the reiki healer from utilizing their true gift of healing potential.

A lot of the resistance may have to do with perception. They don’t think they are good enough to affect healing. Or they see another reiki healer do things differently so they don’t trust their own intuition.

Mikao Usui the original Reiki Healer

Dr. Mikao Usui Founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai

Reiki originally came from one source but has been translated and shared by many teachers. These teachers had their own gift of teaching. And their students received just what they needed to take the next step.

Each reiki healer may learn things differently. So we must remember the main goal is Reiki Healing.


With these important ingredients you can succeed as a Reiki Healer:

  • Intention – Healing for the highest and best of the specific person.
  • Guidance – Call upon help from the Ascended Masters, angels, spirit guides, etc.
  • Egolessness – Approach each healing with a beginner’s mind. Being open to let Spirit guide you.

We are people first and practitioners second. Our human experiences enable us to share our view as well as to be empathetic to others. In my opinion this is the key to being a successful reiki healer.

There are many practitioners and Reiki teachers. We are guided to go to the person that is just right for us in that moment. There will be lessons learned, healing taking place or maybe an experience that has to happen for everything to click into place. It isn’t about randomness. There is always a reason even if it cannot be seen at the moment.

To sum this blog up, what I’m trying to say is don’t judge yourself no matter what is going on. Take the opportunity to learn from your experiences. Even the not so positive ones are leading you on the path toward what is right for you.

I will leave you with a list of steps to follow when you feel off your game and life gets a bit uncomfortable.

4 Steps to Sanity for the Reiki Healer

  1. Reiki Healer 5 PrinciplesBegin a Self-Healing Practice
    Daily hand positions for tuning into your main chakra centres. This can be quick so you can do it every day.
  2. Recite the 5 Principles (also known as the 5 Precepts) These may vary slightly depending on your teacher. But the underlying message is the same.
  3. Use the Kenyoku ho technique to separate from any unwanted energy or after a healing session. This can even be used after having thoughts that aren’t serving your highest purpose.
  4. Receive a healing session. Just because you are a practitioner doesn’t mean you can’t have a reiki session yourself! Do an exchange with someone. Join a reiki share group. Whatever you decide, do it regularly. Prevention is more powerful than having to heal.


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