Goal setting is a popular New Year activity

New Year’s Resolution is the term. But really, it’s just another method of goal setting. It’s not reserved for just business folks either. People from all walks of life do goal setting of some form, especially in January.

But the truth about goal setting is that it is stressful for most. We think it will help keep us organized and motivated. For maybe the first couple of weeks or months it does. But after that, our enthusiasm often fades. When that happens all of the negative undertones come flooding in. We feel like losers, quitters and just plain failures. Totally not the feelings we were going for when setting up our goals, right?

This year I am approaching my resolutions differently. Actually, I started this tradition last year. I begin by contemplating the general theme I wish to create for the entire year. From that, I fill in the gaps with some details.

Create a Theme for the Year

Take the pressure off of creating goals by setting the tone for the year instead. This is a loose interpretation of how to make resolutions because you aren’t adding too many details or getting too specific. Mind you, it’s totally okay to have details for some events and aspirations. It has been my experience that giving the Universe some wiggle room by not demanding a specific date for things to happen can help the outcome naturally progress. That way I don’t get bummed out when the day comes and goes without the goal being met. However, with that said, naturally, there are some set-in-stone events that you definitely need to plan in advance for. Weddings, dentist appointments, book launches… you get the idea. If someone else is involved, you should have a set date in mind for all parties to get on board.

Begin with how you want to feel

Think about the year sprawled out in front of you. How do you want to feel throughout the year? This can be the easiest way to start thinking about your main theme. You can fill in the gaps along the way. This helps you get started without needing to brainstorm a bunch of specifics.

The more the merrier

You can start with the first over-all theme, then add 3 to 5 themes that define the various areas of your life. Here are some main categories in no particular order:

  • Relationships
  • Work / Business
  • Money
  • Health
  • Hobbies / Travel

Make a list of each area of your life

Have a running list of the main important areas that you want to work on. Under each main heading write down the feelings, emotions and general theme you wish to work toward during the year. Make this your own, this is a loose idea for you to dress up as you see fit.

Narrow your focus

Just so things aren’t too loosey-goosey, you can think about the general time frame for your plans. It helps to think through the steps it will take to get to the goal you have. For instance; I want to improve my health. I will give myself a general timeline of 3 months to work toward having more energy, making a daily habit of movement. I hate the word exercise 😉 This sets me up for achieving my goal in a stressfree manner. No beating myself up if I don’t lose x-number of pounds by a specific date on the calendar. That has never worked before anyhow. I would just end up feeling bad and chalk up the experience as a failure.

It’s not goal setting failure

It’s not a failure if you generalize enough to blur the lines of your goals. The truth about goal setting is that you rarely hit the target dead-centre. So set yourself up to succeed!

  • Generalize
  • Categorize
  • Add your hopes, dreams and feelings

Emotion makes something real and attainable

We live by our emotions. They are what drive us daily. Set your goals and visualize them through the emotions you will experience when they happen. In other words; feel as you would if you’ve already achieved what you want. Those feelings will be magnetized and the Universe will begin to conspire to make it a reality. This is the underlying energy of manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Mindset is the key to releasing limiting beliefs and mental blocks, which can make this whole goal setting thing so much easier.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018 and beyond!

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