The Powerful Introvert

Doing what it takes to succeed in business and thrive as your unique self!

Supporting introverted entrepreneurs to feel energized and consistently show up and grow their successful business


Get emotional and mental clarity to support yourself in business.


Manage the roller coaster of energy need to succeed in business.


The best connections to feel united in your dreams and goals.

Become A Powerful Introvert

Manage your energy and emotions to grow your business and be a successful entrepreneur.

Bringing chakras and mindset into actionable steps to create the life you need to succeed business.


Life-time access means you can join new semesters to continue levelling up yourself and your business!

Module 1

Create a solid foundation. Grounding, embodying the energy of the successful YOU.
Fear of failure, being seen, not clear on your message or how to help a client.
The anxiety of being around people and having to speak in public.
Finding your abundant flow. Making solid plans in your business and feeling prosperous and fully present each step of the way. 

Module 2

Finding your flow. Being creative and connecting with what matters in your business.
Guilt, lack of support, feeling alone
Connect with the energy in your business which is an extension of you.
Put the right energy into business by establishing frameworks and boundaries that allow for flow in your life.

Module 3

Ignite your purpose.
Find your power for the energy needed to create, launch and serve your clients
Shame, self-doubt, ego identity, resentment
Owning your personal value. Establishing value and charging what you're services are worth.
Feeling comfortable and confident in your pricing.

Module 4

Adapt to growth and changes in your life and business.
The compassionate side of business. 
Grief, resentment, feeling alone and separated
Protect and project your energy to uplevel your mindset and business.

Module 5

Communication and Harmony
Fear of speaking up, not having the words, lack of clear communication
Speaking and writing authentically in your own voice, standing out as a unique voice for your industry. Clearly articulate your message.

Module 6

Intuition and Clear Thinking
Lack of imagination, lack of trust in yourself or your ideas
How to trust your thoughts and intuition. Learning to pivot when things aren't flowing in the direction you want.

Module 7

Enlightenment and future-pacing
Lack of future focus, feeling disconnected from growing further in your business
Divinely guided inspiration, growing forward into your business, upleveling beyond your current reality

Three Fast-Action Bonuses!

Zen Meditation Kit

Guided meditation and tapping scripts to prime you in the morning, inspire you at noon, and replenish your energy at night

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The Introvert's Guide To Showing Up On Camera

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VIP Laser 1:1 Call

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$497 Value

Through Lorraine's Introvert Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, I discovered how to balance my energy, so that I no longer feel the drain of so many of my entrepreneurial activities (particularly the ones involving people!!).
Lorraine helped me to work through my blocks, and gave me clear strategies to implement when I am feeling the strain of running my business, juggling a household, and looking after my kids.
I have so enjoyed working with her, as she has an incredible ability to work through my words, and find the root cause of the way I’m feeling - which helps us to create more specific strategies that are useful for me.
Thank you Lorraine for being incredibly you!!! If you’d re considering this program I would say go for it - 100% wholeheartedly - she will make it absolutely worth the time and investment.

~ Jana Rohen

Before working with Lorraine Ellen I would feel guilty, or be hard on myself for falling short of my marketing goals. She helped me see that my natural energy wasn’t a weakness, and discover how I could honor those natural rhythms to show up authentically to share my message without needing time to recover or feeling that energetic drop & rebound. Lorraine has helped me get off the rollercoaster!

~ Susi Vine
Host of the Happified podcast

I was not happy with my life or myself. I was wondering where to start. Now I am feeling lighter, happier calmer. I am not rehearsing round and round all the old thoughts and tapes in my head. As I progress I catch them faster before they fester.
AND that sure feels good!!
Linda Roitner