I want to empower people

When life gets complicated I turn to simple solutions. It’s important to recognize what isn’t working then immediately focus on clearing out the crap. Finding solutions is much more proactive than wallowing in the problems.

I empower people to take charge of their dreams and desires. Inspiring people to find natural holistic remedies to their issues is the simplest way to have a happy and healthy life.

My Story


Pointing you in the right direction

When I was a stay at home mom it was easy to overlook my own needs. Everyone else came first. I always had to be busy doing something and felt guilty if I took any time for myself. I felt that I had no business asking for help or for a break because my job was to take care of my family.

I bought into the stigma that stay at home parents had all day to do whatever they want. But realistically I put myself at the beck and call of my family’s needs and schedule. I no longer felt like an individual person with my own needs. I wasn’t my own boss, I was everyone else’s employee. It soon became apparent that most women feel this way at some point in their life. So I would ask them:

What does this teach your family?

Aren’t you as important as everyone else?

What happens when you get sick?


After studying in the field of holistic wellness, reflexology and reiki I was able to connect with people that had health concerns, stress and anxiety. Often they wouldn’t seek help until their health became a burden or the quick fix pharmasecutical remedies weren’t working anymore.

Today I am a vocal advocate for self-care. It is so important to nurture ourselves and show the world that we are worth it! It isn’t necessary to run yourself so ragged that you are forced to stop and pay attention to your failing health. It makes more sense to be proactive by using a preventative approach to wellness. It is much simpler to stay healthy than struggle to get there. 

When we take care of ourselves we set an example for the younger generation; self-care is just as important as having respect and empathy for others. 

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