Live Virtual Tarot Session 1-Hour

Whatever support you need, Tarot can help bring the energy of inspiration and clarity.

What you'll get in your 1-hour Intuitive Tarot Session:

  • Insight into the energy you need for happiness and success
  • Clarity on the steps you can take to make the most of your life or business
  • Inspiration on how to empower your next steps so that you can succeed in whatever you want to accomplish

Each live, virtual call will be recorded so that you can replay your session for even deeper insight.

What People Are Saying:

I was curious about a reading. Never had one before. Really liked how Lorraine made me feel comfortable. Even though I couldn't think of a question to ask, the card messages told me just what I needed to know.


I'm still in awe of this tarot reading! So happy I can watch the replay because I forgot to take notes. I was so enthralled in the message lol. I highly recommend Lorraine! Thanks for an entertaining read. : )

Jillian M.

My adult daughter recommended on online reading with Lorraine Scott. Her reading was positive and empowering. Many of her insights were supportive and encouraging to me at this point in my life. I have watched the recording of the session several times and have implemented some of the suggestions that we discussed. Thanks again Lorraine. Blessings.

Ginny H.

$90.00 CAD