Crystal Healing in Maple Ridge BC

Vibrational energy is the science behind Crystal Healing

Quartz point crystal healing

Clear Quartz natural point

Crystals are a variety of minerals that are created and mined from the Earth. The extreme heat, fast or slow cooling, subterranean movement, surrounding minerals, and length of time determine which crystals will form. Many specimen are used in crystal healing.

The crystal lattice structure is one of the most stable geometric shapes. This enables a quartz crystal to amplify energy. Quartz is used in electronics, watches and even your vehicle’s computer chip.

Crystals are more than beautiful minerals

crystal healing with green fluorite

Green Fluorite sphere

Each type of crystal has its own vibrational energy. Crystals can subtly influence their surroundings and this makes them perfect for placing in a room or using in a healing session. Crystal healing is a safe and gentle way of returning your body to harmony and balance.

Why Crystal healing works

We are vibrational beings. Each organ and bodily system vibrates at a subtle frequency. So do our thoughts and emotions. These frequencies can become scattered and out of sync. This can cause a bit of chaos in our energy field. It may be felt as emotional upset or physical fatigue. It can even cause dis-ease within the organs and systems of the body. Especially if the problem isn’t dealt with early enough.

Whatever affects us energetically will manifest physically into the body. Unless we can heal it in the energy field first! This is why Crystal Healing ideally works before it has become a physical problem. It can still assist the body after an issue becomes physical. But it is important to address all aspects. Which are; emotional, physical and energy.

Certified Crystal Healer & Advanced Crystal Master

I’ve been playing with crystals since I was a kid. Since then I’ve immersed myself in working with crystals; first for my own personal use then to compliment my other healing modalities. As a life long learner I wanted to learn more, especially about the science behind crystals. I have continued to update my knowledge and education to include Certified Crystal Healer and the more advanced designation of Advanced Crystal Master. However there is always something new to learn and grow from!

Holistic Therapies are not meant to replace conventional medical services.
Always refer to your Medical Professional’s advice.


Crystal Healing Level 1 Certification Course 

This in-person course will teach you how to work with crystals to bring healing and balance.


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