Emotional Freedom Technique and
Mindset Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique

A simple method of tapping energy meridians on your face and upper torso. The session can be in-person or online to coach you through whatever is preventing you from living life to its fullest.

Overcome limiting beliefs, fears, phobias. Relieve emotional pain, grief, stress.
EFT is a great technique to use for many emotional and physical issues that plague you.

This simple method enables you to practice at home. During the coaching session we will delve into what may be causing your concerns. I will tap along with you and guide you through the points and phrases to help release what is holding you back from living a life of happiness and freedom.

Check out the sample video below. It gives you a general idea of what EFT (aka Tapping) is all about. In this video I recorded a few years ago I address the issue of stress as an example to tap on.

Mindset Coaching

This works in conjunction with EFT. Mindset is the way we think and how they dictate the circumstances that direct our daily life.

When you shift your thoughts and feelings toward positive outcomes it can make a profound difference in whatever is challenging you. With every healing session there is some aspect of mindset that can open the doors up even wider for healing to take place.

One of my super powers is in viewing how you speak; the language and wording you use that is keeping you stuck or sick or unhappy.

It’s not your fault! Lifelong conditioning can be a real challenge to overcome.

Want to shift your mindset but not sure where to begin?

Book a free chat with me to see how I can help you.

Holistic Therapies are not meant to replace conventional medical services.
Always refer to your Medical Professional’s advice.


What a wonderful experience and lovely person. She really took the time I needed to listen to me and truly find an area that I needed to release. She taught me what to do anytime I felt I needed to release anything.


Had the best face time with you lorraine you are a natural thanks for helping me get to where i need to be to help myself again keep up the great work you do


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