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Reiki is a method of treating the body and emotional spirit.


Reiki is Universal Life Force EnergyReiki is a peaceful healing therapy. It is a Japanese healing method that directs Universal Life force energy where healing is needed. It is a light touch healing technique. For practitioners it is also a method of self-healing and creating happiness within and contentment with life. Overall, this holistic healing method that treats the whole person.

We all have the inherent ability to heal ourselves and others. Reiki practitioners are attuned to a specific frequency of healing energy and therefore is more direct and powerful, especially if the practitioner is not working from ego.

A practitioner is a mere conduit for the energy to pass through to the recipient, they do not have to be an expert on the inner workings of the human body. Actually, the less one thinks they are directing a healing, the more powerful the healing is for the person receiving it!

What’s the difference between Reflexology and Reiki?

Both modalities use some touch; reflexology works your hands and feet. Whereas Reiki uses specific hand positions and light touch on your body.

With reflexology, general areas of the body can be determined and if discomfort or pain is felt it could indicate stress in those corresponding areas of your body.

Reiki works on an energetic level for balancing subtle energies which can also positively effect and balance areas within the body.

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Holistic Therapies are not meant to replace conventional medical services.
Always refer to your Medical Professional’s advice.

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