Succeeding in business means having to connect with people.

Talk about what you do.


I know—UGH. 

Especially “ugh” if you’re an introvert. (Hi

It’s challenging for us to do things the way everyone else does—or says to.

For instance, you show up for group calls, but die inside when the host says “Please turn on your camera.” 😱

The problem with hiding is, you’re missing out on...

  • Making connections and showing your authentic self
  • Being seen as an expert that others want to hire or partner with
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to run and grow your business


But what if you didn’t have to miss out? 


What if you could show up as the most “you” you—attracting your dream opportunities, and like-minded clients and buyers?

…And, best of all, feeling “at one” with your business instead of insecure, disconnected, and drained. 

Guess what?

You can! And it’s free.

The Introvert’s Roadmap

And discover 5 ways to tap into your true power—without leaving your comfort zone.

I won't send spam. And, I won’t spew a bunch of emails at you.

You’ll discover:

  • How to get out of “park” with your stalled ideas
  • Why acting like an extrovert is harming your business
  • The real secret to standing out without feeling awkward

Because I believe you can take your comfort zone with you wherever you go.

Have we met?

Hey there, 
I’m Lorraine Ellen Scott. Fellow introvert. Former hidden gem. 

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, EFT coach, Crystal healer and Meditation coach I’ve helped hundreds of people uncover their inner healer and rejoice in their new-found courage to live fully despite life's challenges.

This year I decided to step up, be brave, and pivot my business. 

Like, literally starting from scratch! Again.

Today, I work with introverted entrepreneurs who, like me, have a burning desire to help others but aren’t sure how to get out of their own way. 

Together we bust through the limiting beliefs, and mental & emotional blocks that are slowly sucking the life out of them and their business.

I’m newly separated, working through personal loss and other life challenges. (Who isn’t?) So I know the struggle and distraction that comes with navigating a business.

The sweat-inducing activities required to get noticed, and be okay in the limelight can be paralyzing!

Good thing I have a whole slew of tools that have helped me go from lurking off-camera to playing full out as my superpowered amazing self! (Any idea how hard I worked to feel comfortable enough to put that down here?!) 

And you can too. Yes… the ol’ adage: If I can do it, so can you!

So join me, won’t you? 

Let’s choose the expressway to navigate yourself to the next destination. SUCCESS!

The Introvert’s Roadmap

5 ways to tap into your true power—without having to leave your comfort zone.

Get the Roadmap and gain access to the 5 mini-lessons that zoom in on each viewpoint.

You're going to discover a whole new world where you can...

  • Show up authentically so you get the most out of the meetings
  • Feel empowered to share your perspective and be seen as an expert in your field
  • Take your comfort zone wherever you go and always have the energy you need to do the work necessary to grow your business

The Introvert’s Roadmap

I won't send spam. And, I won’t spew a bunch of emails at you.