Want a deeper connection with your intuition?

Think of tarot as your personal and business compass. It’s about fine-tuning your intuition for decisions that truly align with you. Ready to see how tarot can light up your path and strengthen your intuitive leadership? 

Curious about Tarot but feel a bit intimidated by it?

📢You don't need a certificate to be a tarot reader. (in fact, there is NO regulation on these types of certificates!)
Heck, you don't even need to be a "tarot reader" to play with tarot!
But you DO need to practice!

Want to understand Tarot? So you can use it for...

🔮creative insight into personal or business matters
🔮inspiration when things get challenging
🔮deeper connection to your intuition

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Want a reading? Get insight with a Virtual Tarot Session

It's not just a reading, it's a session! We'll delve into Tarot insight and uncover the energy and inspiration you need for success.

Live Virtual or Pre-recorded Tarot Session

1 Hour Tarot Session
$111 US

Live Zoom session using Tarot and other divination tools.

Uncover the answers you need, find the inspiration you want and make a plan to take action so that you create your best year yet!

Think of this as a deep-dive session into what you most need to focus on.🔮

Book 1-Hour Session

30-Minute Tarot Session
$75 US

Live Zoom session using Tarot and other divination tools.

Uncover the answers you need, find the inspiration you want and make a plan to take action so that you create your best year yet!

This session is packed full of insight and support.🔮

Book 30-Minute Session

Pre-Recorded Tarot Session $65 US 

No appointment needed! I will tune into your energy and the questions you have and record a video reading.

Enjoy this pre-recorded video session anytime. No booking is required. 

Your private video reading is available within 72 hours of purchase.🔮 

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Contact me for more details: [email protected]

"My reading was spot on in so many ways. It opened my eyes, heart and mind to some things I was feeling and struggling with. The reading brought them into better focus. I know what to work on and what to let go of. I'm excited to do my homework! It's worth it. Much appreciated." ~ Trish
"Everything was bang on and I am very thankful to have received such a great Angel Card reading to help clear things up for me. 
Lorraine is approachable and easy to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed myself." ~ B.P.

Empathic entrepreneurs, elevate your energy!

Grab your free printable Oracle Deck today and start transforming your empathic gifts into your greatest assets.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Lorraine, a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation & mindset coach and inspirational energy healer.

I work with empaths and introverts to clear overwhelm and shed old beliefs so they can embrace and trust their sensitive superpower. 

The Empathic Energy Toolkit
for highly sensitive entrepreneurs

3 powerful tapping exercises (literally at your fingertips) to transform empathic stress anytime to achieve emotional balance so you can effortlessly thrive in your personal and professional life — without taking personal days to recuperate.

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Hey sensitive soul,

Want to discover how to thrive so you feel confident & comfortable no matter where you are?

Discover 5 ways to navigate the extroverted world without losing yourself in the process. 

I believe we can take our comfort zone with us, even in uncomfortable situations. But when you can't have your favourite blanket, fuzzy slippers or stay in your pj's, there is a way to tap into that inner comfort zone that helps you through your daily journey in this busy noisy world.

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My methods

Three paths to explore:

Meditation is foundational to a balanced life.
Energy healing connects mind, body and soul.
Mindset determines your ability to succeed in life.

Need the inspiration to bust through procrastination and find your inspiration?

Check out my short, simple & inspiring 3-video series to help you uncover simple and productive ways to get clarity and inspiration. Especially if you've been stuck and have tried everything.

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Zen out Morning, Noon & Night

This Zen kit plugs you into the power of your soul no matter where you are and what's going down. Easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.

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"You have the voice for meditation and I'm looking forward to more.
Thank you!" ~ SR
"These meditations are getting more powerful each time. You are so good!  Really appreciate you!"  ~Susan

Begin with crystals

This course will give you the confidence to stroll into that magical little crystal shop and know what you need to create the best vibes for your home and workspace.

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