Throw away the tarot book

There's an easier way to get to know your Tarot deck.

Memorizing the meanings isn't gonna work. Consulting the tarot book can be confusing if you don't understand how the cards all relate together. And really, how can a tarot book cover all 9 gazillion possible combinations and their meanings?

Seriously,Ā don't throw out your tarot book. But...

Grab this Tarot Cheatsheet & connect more deeply with tarot.

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unlock the mystery of Tarot and how to interpret the cards.Ā 

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I created this Tarot Cheatsheet to connectĀ more easily with the cards.

Hi, I'm Lorraine šŸ‘‹šŸ»

I help empaths and introverts trust their magic and manage their energy so they confidently show up in their business and impact their clients' lives. One of my favourite ways to play with magic is through tarot cards.Ā 

At first I was doubtful that I'd ever learn the deeper meaning of Tarot. Honestly, I tried memorizing them, all the tricks... post-it notes, bookmarks galore in my tarot reference book. I was so focused on getting the meaning "right", the way the book explained it.Ā But,Ā no matter what I didĀ had the opposite effect. My insecurity was worse than ever.

When I finally learned how to read tarotĀ in my unique way IĀ was more confident inĀ theĀ messagesĀ that came through the cards. The Tarot Cheatsheet condenses what I discovered into 3 easy ways to understand tarot.Ā 

Connecting more deeply with Tarot has shown me that there are so many ways to play. In life. In business.Ā 

A tarot deck can be a reference tool, idea generator andĀ muse to tap into your creativity.

Stop worrying about how other people read Tarot and start playing!

Download The Tarot Cheatsheet now!