Introvert Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

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Supporting introverted entrepreneurs to get energized and consistently show up and grow their successful business

Hey, I'm so excited that you are interested in my group coaching program for introverts!

S.I.M.P.L.E. = Successful Introvert Mentorship Program (with) Lorraine Ellen

As I said, this is a Founders program. A pilot program, which means it hasn't been created yet. We're going to create it together, as partners. Basically in figuring out what it is you need to up-level. And each week when we meet live, there's also a replay that you have available to you for as long as you need it.

We will go through whatever it is that you need to get that emotional and mental clarity that helps support you so you can thrive by being seen.

Because the only way to grow your business is to be seen.

And if you're taking other business programs, this is going to help you be in alignment with what the teaching has. It's going to allow you to show up with your camera on so you can get the value out of the other programs that you have invested in.

And really, I'm super happy that you want to invest in this and I encourage you to just sign up below.

But if you still are on the fence and you're not sure if this is for you, let's have a chat so we can have a no sales pressure conversation.

Hey, I'm introverted too. I don't like talking about sales, but I do like sharing the value you can get for yourself by joining this program.

I hope to see you on the inside.


Yes I want to be a Founding Member!
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The Founder's Club Format:

This isn't another business strategy course.

This is personal development so you can thrive as yourself in life  and business.

Here is how it will look...

As founders of this program you get 3 weekly group calls with me to:

  • Address your current challenges in showing up in your life and business
  • Get simple ways to use mindset, energy clearing and clarity to strive forward
  • Guidance for stepping into your power without depleting your energy

In return, these 3 live calls will help me create content and prepare the 7-week S.I.M.P.L.E. program.

Then I'll be launching it at a higher price and the official program will be scheduled for the week of March 17th.

Bottom line is you get 3 bonus weeks with me.
And lifetime access to this program.

So what do you say?

Want to help me co-create the best program with your highest needs in mind so that you can show up with courage and continuity ?

Want to be instrumental in creating a safe and valuable community so that introverts can feel confident, empowered and capable of having a successful life and business?

I'd love to have you on board!