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Appreciation is a good daily habit

Have you hugged your washing machine today? I try to be aware of sending appreciation to my washing machine and other household appliances. Can you imagine what it was like to do laundry with the ringer machines from the 1800's? Sure they were considered automatic but...

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The truth about goal setting

Goal setting is a popular New Year activity New Year's Resolution is the term. But really, it's just another method of goal setting. It's not reserved for just business folks either. People from all walks of life do goal setting of some form, especially in January....

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Reiki Healer Practitioner Revisited

Raise your hand if you are a trained Reiki healer but don't currently use it. It is so easy to forget that Reiki can be used personally not just professionally. What I mean is that it is easy to overlook the solution to a problem. Whether it is a physical or emotional...

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