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Welcome to Simple Healing Arts.

Sometimes you need a little guidance and reassurance to get on the right path to well-being. You may think it needs to be complicated. But I’m here to show you that the most difficult part is getting out of your own way and let healing happen. This is the philosophy behind Simple Healing Arts!

You probably know the result you want.
You’re just not sure how to get it.

It starts with one simple step…

Create an INTENTION to shift toward something greater.

With this intention comes a decision to begin right where you are now. I can help you find the balance needed to increase your healthy well-being. Then you take it from there. You always have my moral support. But the key is your intention to allow change to happen at the pace it needs to for your highest good.

I teach you how to listen to the cues your body gives you. Learn how thoughts may be limiting your beliefs. Then learn how to shift into thoughts that empower what you really want to accomplish.

Whether it is health, happiness or abundance.
Are you ready to shift toward your future?

Let’s get started! Use the contact form below to ask me a question or to book a session customized for your individual needs.

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I am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of B.C. and the Canadian Reiki Association. You can visit the links at the top of the page to find out more about what I can offer.

Learn about reflexology, reiki and the other Services that I provide. Check out the courses and workshops that I teach in person and online. Read testimonial reviews from clients and students. Read my Blog that shares information on how to live A Balanced Life. I even have a FAQ page with answers to the most popular questions I get asked. If you want to learn a little more about me, visit the About page.

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