Sometimes you need a little guidance and reassurance

to find right path to well-being.

You may think it’s complicated.
But I’m here to show you that the most difficult part is
getting out of your own way and let healing happen.
This is the philosophy behind Simple Healing Arts!

I help you take charge of your own health and happiness

 Pointing you in the right direction

Are you fed up when things stay the same and keep you stuck?

Are you ready to take charge of living the life you deserve?

Let me help you get to the place that makes you happy and lights up your soul!

Feeling Stuck?

Grab my very best resources to ground, relax and recharge. No matter what life brings your way, you deserve to be treated with love and respect.
Don’t be last on your To-Do List!

“I’m very picky when choosing a healer

but I don’t hesitate to book a session with Lorraine. I love my reflexology / reiki sessions with her! She’s excellent at what she does and she maintains a standard of integrity and enthusiasm that makes each session uniquely wonderful.”

– Shana Lee Gibson, Evidential Medium & Meditation Teacher

“I found Lorraine’s classes to be very informative.

I have learned so much and even more about myself. She has been gentle and encouraging. I found her very professional and her style of teaching was easy to understand. She also has proven to follow through after the courses are finished, with any sort of support and/or questions that I have had. I really cannot say enough positive things about her or the class!! I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning!

– Susan Brown, Westcoast Reiki Healing and Readings

Lorraine Scott Email: Phone: 778-235-7117