3 action steps to empower your positivity

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My philosophy on Holistic Wellness is that it incorporates all aspects of your life. Everything is intricately connected; body, mind and spirit. What nourishes the body also feeds the soul. What stimulates the mind also empowers the emotions. Round and round we go.
So if working on one thing doesn't fix it, there is another aspect to address. And isn't that wonderful?! There is always a way to uplevel our wellness. Even if we're dealing with a chronic issue. I've helped many women whose lifestyle has changed due to a health issue that can't be solved. Instead, they've learned how to live their best life despite their challenges.
No body is perfect. At some point we all deal with something that challenges us. I don't mention this to be a doomsayer. It's reality. And we have the power to create our version of it. Mindset has so much to do with our personal reality.
One of my superpowers is to see where myself and others are being negative in thoughts and words. The trick is to stop, observe and flip them if necessary.
  1. Stop what you are thinking
    When you are feeling emotionally off (read: pissed off, sad, depressed, crabby, etc.) the first step is to be aware that your thoughts are creating the feelings.
  2. Observe the thoughts & emotions
    Acknowledge what you're thinking and how you're feeling. All emotions are valid! Emotions aren't good or bad, they are just energy in motion. Yet, how emotions affect us can be positive or negative. So observe what you are feeling and the thoughts you're thinking.
  3. Flip the negative
    If you're feeling negatively affected by your emotions and thoughts, you have the power to shift them. When I use the term flip, I imagine a ninja move of grabbing the bad guy by the arm and chucking him over your shoulder. You can do that with words too.
    Here's an example: "I hate doing the dishes. It makes me cranky to see them piled up and I resent having to waste time doing them."
    Wow! Lots of negative thoughts and words here. Hate, cranky, resent, waste time.
    Let's flip em, ninja style!
    "I have to do the dishes. They're piled up and I'll feel so much better when they are done."
    I stopped, observed and flipped the experience. Read each of those statements. Which one sounds better? Which one is more empowering and motivating?
    When you start using this 3-step method of empowering your positivity, it becomes automatic. Then when the big emotions and challenges arise, you have a tool that will help diffuse the emotional energy that could otherwise break your spirit.
It took me a long time to practice this. I suggest you share this with a friend or family member. They are only too willing to point out when you need to use it!😉 And isn't that wonderful? Empowering others while allowing them to keep you in alignment.