3 steps to self-care for introverted entrepreneurs

introvert Mar 14, 2022
Introverts acting like extroverts can be like a yo-yo

Stop yo-yo extroverting!

It took me many starts, stops, and procrastinating to finally figure this out. I was trying to be someone I wasn't. I was trying to be extroverted without considering that I'm an introvert.
Actually, I'm more than that. I have moments of ignited action. But, the dips and valleys of rest and recuperation would drag me down.
There is more to being introverted. We aren't all quiet, shy, wallflowers. All the time. Yet the world wants to lump us all into the same category.
We even do it to ourselves! We talk ourselves into the downside of introversion.
I would go through the vicious cycle of extroverting without replenishing my energy. Sometimes going two weeks or more with the energy of do-do and go-go. Eventually, I'd hit a wall. Always paying for it in the end. Disappearing for the same span of time as
the go-go cycle. Any progress I made would slip away.

Can you relate?

There is a way to stop yo-yo extroverting. By knowing yourself, and the pitfalls of extending yourself without a proper break.
I'm not talking about a quick 10-minute break between meetings. Introverts need unplug time to process the experiences. To unwind. So we can return to the cycle of life and business. That is a realistic part of our lives. Restoration isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. And the sooner you realize and implement the self-care structure you need, the better off you will be.

Here are 3 steps to create a self-care plan as an introverted entrepreneur.

  1. Plan your schedule in advance. The further along you plan, the better you are able to see where you will need downtime. This is part of your business. Not only doing, but being. Being still, being quiet, being focused on what matters in your life. (Hint: it's not all business!) Give yourself extra time before and after a meeting. And be sure to add leisure time after an event.

  2. Focus on the non-negotiables. Your agenda can get bogged down with filler stuff. Weed out the things that aren't moving you toward your goals. Don't skimp on your personal time though! That is a priority.

  3. Visualize your best day. Set yourself up for success. Regularly visualize how good it feels to complete your tasks and still have energy to spare. You can train your body and brain to work with the time and energy you have, even if it seems in short supply.
We can't always avoid yo-yo extroverting. But we can reduce the effect it has on us and the amount of time we need to regenerate.
It's possible to thrive, even on endlessly busy weeks, if you do it right.  
Want to learn more about how to manage your energy? Download this quick grounding meditation
Enjoy being you. Peace,