Introvert, stop putting yourself in a box

introvert mindset
Introverts are always quiet. Or don't like people. Or don't like noisy places. Or being in crowds. When we focus on those attributes they expand. We embody those things we most want to change. We think we exude those introvert qualities all the time.
And it's just not true!
✋🏻Hand up if you have friends that say "you don't seem introverted to me!"✋🏻
We are more than just introverted. We have hopes and dreams. We have a life, we have kids, friends, and even hilarious moments of silliness. (I'm positive I'm not the only one!)
I'm giving free advice...
Stop focusing on what you want to change and just go ahead and BE.
Be in the moment, be spontaneous, be loud, be bold, be daring. 
We are capable of it. YOU are capable of it.
Just look back at some of the stuff you've already done. Bold, right?  Daring, n'est-ce pas? I'm absolutely certain you've done bold and daring things.
Don't compare your bold and daring to someone else's! They may not think what you've accomplished is bold and daring. That's their perception. Only you know how much effort it takes to do or say something. 
YOU base your experiences on YOUR scale of boldness!
So, live it up. Be yourself. And rock your unique brand of YOU. Because there is only one you. And we need that in the world. We need your uniqueness, your ability to just be.
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