Oracle vs Tarot which is better?

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What's the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

I get asked this question quite a bit. 

Tarot is the oldest form of card divination based on the playing cards we see in poker games and Crazy Eights. No matter who creates a Tarot deck, they are usually structured by the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana cards have 4 suits of 14 cards each. The Pip cards are Ace through Ten. And Court Cards are Page, Knight, Queen & King. The suits are cups (hearts), wands (clubs), swords (spades) and pentacles (diamonds).

The Major Arcana is usually comprised of 22 cards that represent the major life journey. Beginning with 0; The Fool (who represents an innocent beginner, not a jester). Often the Major Arcana is referred to as The Fool's Journey. Each consecutive card brings the Fool forward on his journey through life. Meeting sages. Having experiences; some good, some challenging.

To a novice reader, Tarot cards can seem intimidating. Yet they have structure and meaning that doesn't change much from deck to deck. This makes it easier to study the Tarot and not be too concerned about having the same deck as the instructor. 

Oracle decks can be any number of cards and any variety of subjects. Authors of Oracle decks create them for inspiration, affirmations, working with angels, working with all sorts of energy, emotions and mindset. 

Both Tarot and Oracle decks are used as divination tools. This means they can help bring messages, insight and clarity to any number of questions. 


So what's the difference between Oracle and Tarot, besides the obvious?

The Tarot follows a general structure that doesn't vary much from deck to deck. It is useful in deeper readings. There are many types of Card Spreads; which refer to specific patterns of placing the cards. Each card's position has a specific meaning and all the cards in the spread help to bring the reading into focus. 

One of the most popular Tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross Spread. It is used to gain insight into a specific question or get a sense of a situation or life in general. 

Cards are usually randomly chosen by cutting the deck or blindly choosing them (face down). 

In Tarot, if a card is of the Major Arcana the message will pertain to a major event or person. The minor arcana deals with the everyday aspects of life. And this is how you can determine the deep and rich meaning of a card reading. 

With Oracle cards, you can still use a spread but each card can have a stand-alone meaning. One Oracle card can be pulled for inspiration, or give the general energy or mood of the day. 

Tarot and Oracle cards together are a great way to bring even more clarity and depth to a reading. 

The general rules of Tarot don't exist for Oracle Cards. An Oracle Deck will have a booklet that explains the deeper meaning of each card and the author's intention for using the deck.


Which is better? Oracle or Tarot?

No matter which one you have, once you own a deck, you have dominion over the messages and meanings of the cards. So it comes down to your personal preference. I like them both! 

The trick is to trust your intuition and with practice, you will better understand the messages you are meant to receive. 

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Some of my favourite Tarot decks:

Rider Waite Tarot 

One of the original designs. Most of the newer Tarot decks meaning and structure are based on this deck.

Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine 

This is the first Tarot deck that I really connected with! The images are rich and full of symbolism that makes it easier to discover the meaning. There are short captions that help beginners understand the card meaning too.

Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne 

My go-to favourite! I love the energy of this deck. It feels different than the traditional Rider Waite deck. When you resonate with a specific deck, it makes all the difference in your confidence and ability to read cards for others. 

Some of my favourite Oracle decks:

Whispers of Lord Ganesha oracle cards by Angela Hartfield
Great for clues of how to get out of your own way and embrace the message you need to hear.
The Divine Energy Oracle by Sonia Choquette
Perfect for clarity and to use with other decks for added dimension.
Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell
Beautiful, gentle yet powerful energy and messages.
Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
A vast array of Spiritual Mentors and Masters bring richness to your reading.
The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Reid
Get the vibrational energy of animals in the rich and amazing imagery of this deck. 

On my wish list:

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards, by Colette Baron-Reid