Starting over without overwhelm


Starting again is scary.

No more safety net. No more reliable income. Just one person; me. Striving to live my life in a state of joy, gratitude and peace. Because that was hard to come by during the last 20+ years of my married life. 

It's not easy. Nor is it meant to be.
But... that's a mindset, isn't it?

Why focus on the level of ease or difficulty at all? There is no law saying we have to view things so black and white.

Right here and now, let's shift that!

If not for the "opportunities" (old version = challenges) I would not have the freedom to choose my life, my work, my people. And because of these opportunities, I need to roll with the waves of ups and downs.
People refer to those ups and downs, intermittency, sporadic moments of abundance as secure vs. insecure. Well, I choose to see it all as perspective.
Because that is exactly what it is. Our perspective is viewed through our experiences and beliefs.

We are in complete control of our own perspective.

So, when the spontaneous reaction is to see lack, you have the opportunity to shift it until something you can grow from.
In my experience, it's always easier to grow from a place of softness than hardness. It's encouraging, nurturing and supportive. Instead of bullying, judgement and comparison.
Just like a seed has a better chance of sprouting and pushing through the soil if it's soft rather than hard.

So how do you soften your reaction?

Shift it to a response.
To me, a response indicates intelligent thought. Whereas reaction means to automatically think; from a place of past experience and auto-pilot.
When we recognize our feelings and thoughts we have the opportunity to determine if we need to adjust and soften them to build on our self-nurturing abilities.
It is really that simple. Try it and let me know how it goes for you.