When introverts aren't authentic

introvert mindset Jan 13, 2022

When you sort of show up as yourself, you only get so-so results.

Sometimes we put way too much energy into either hiding or trying to be something we aren't.
... more outgoing
... more talkative
... more extroverted
Then there isn't much left in the tank to genuinely show up and be true to our mission of helping others.
We aren't really showing up and being who we're meant to be. No wonder we only get so-so results! (If any at all.)
In reality, it takes less effort to be yourself. Flaws and all. Because...
Those so-called flaws that we think take away from our authenticity, actually showcase our authenticity!
And this is how to truly show up to the world. You'll be more relatable.
But let's get back to energy for a moment. As an introvert, physical and mental energy can seem like a limited commodity. We know the cost of energy depletion. So why waste energy by trying to be someone we're not when more time will be needed to recuperate?
Here's a suggestion.
Focus on being the best you that you can be. This can be done with:
  • self-reflection
  • journaling
  • meditation
  • working with a mentor
  • participating in a group
  • being part of a community of like-minded people
The more energy you focus on improving yourself, the less energy it takes to be you.
When you put your attention and intention into something worthwhile (your personal development) you are investing in your future. You are valuing your self-worth. So it's definitely not wasted energy. You will get more efficient at engaging your energy and preserving it for the times you need it the most. (Like connecting with clients, customers and potential partners.)
So, are you ready to get extraordinary results by being yourself?
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