About Lorraine

Lorraine Scott is a professional Reflexologist, Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Loflex Holistic Services. She is known as an advocate for self-empowerment. In the past, she worked in the telecommunication industry as a telephone system install coordinator and trainer. In 1996 Lorraine began the most fulfilling time of her life as a stay at home mom. When her daughter started school Lorraine realized there needed to be more balance in her life. She wanted to learn a new skill for her own self-improvement while still taking care of the family.

Her experience in the healing arts began in 2003 at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology with a basic holistic reflexology course. She later expanded to learning hand reflexology and advanced techniques and was introduced to Reiki through session exchanges with a colleague. Her interest in learning Reiki began when she accompanied her mom to a group Reiki healing for cancer patients.

It wasn’t until after her mom passed in 2007 that she had the opportunity to take the first level of Reiki. This helped Lorraine through the grieving process. She did daily self-healing and gained much insight into her own healing abilities. Her resolve to empower others with this gentle and loving energy was solidified.

In 2009 Lorraine received her Reiki Master Teacher certification and believes it is important to have credibility in the alternative healing field. She is a member the Reflexology Association of British Columbia and acted as Secretary of the Board for 4 years. As a Reiki Teacher, she is accredited by the Canadian Reiki Association and upholds their high standards of teaching and ethics.

Lorraine has expanded her practice to include Emotional Freedom Technique, Crystal Healing, Meditation and Sound Healing; all of the tools needed to help facilitate healing for her clients. She is branching out to teach these techniques in workshops and online courses.

Lorraine’s philosophy of teaching is to share universal knowledge with students as equals. Everyone has their own way of perceiving energy and Lorraine helps guide them through the process of learning what that is. She believes in maintaining an open line of communication so students know they will always have support in their healing practice as long as they need it.

Lorraine enjoys helping everyone but she specializes in providing healing for healers and advocating for busy women to take their own self-healing seriously.

When Lorraine isn’t working she likes to spend time with her family and ride her motorcycle on as many twisty roads as she can find.